Established: 1993

Office: ul. Wołoska 52 paw. 27, 02-583 W-wa

Company mission: creation of solutions for supporting brands at Point of Sale locations

Company goal: manufacturing standard and nonstandard display forms to support sales

Company structure:

Company-customer relations: request for proposal/brief - proposal including design - prototype - order fulfillment - after sale service

Manufacturing technologies: processing of plastics, metal and wood

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ul. Wołoska 52 paw. 2
02-583 Warszawa

phone/fax: +48 22 844-17-86; 646-32-77
Office open: Mon-Fr, 9am - 5pm CET

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Why are we Plexiglas World?
(swiat plexi = plexiglas world)
This is where we started our business. Currently, most of our orders are manufactured using fine synthetic glass. Plexiglas is used not only to create information frames and pamphlet holders, but is also used as an aesthetic supplement to advertising stands and furniture.

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